Package net.sf.swarmcache

Interface Summary
LRUCacheListener Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
ObjectCache Generic caching mechanism.

Class Summary
AutoCache This cache implementation uses soft references so that cached objects are automatically garbage collected when needed.
CacheConfiguration A class that contains the configuration information to be fed in to a new CacheFactory.
CacheConfigurationManager CacheConfigurationManager holds a static CacheConfiguration for use throughout a system.
CacheFactory A convenient generator of multicast caches using an underlying LRU or Automatic algorithm.
CacheNotification The actual object that gets sent to the cluster to indicate that an object needs to be cleared from the cache.
CacheTest Test cache app.
CacheTest.FinalizerString A String that outputs to STDOUT when it has been finalized.
Communicator Abstract class that handles the communications for SwarmCache.
HybridCache A hybrid cache solution that uses a (presumably small) LRU cache backed by a larger AutoCache.
JavaGroupsCommunicator Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
LRUCache Cache implementation that uses the Least Recently Used algorithm.
MultiCache A wrapper cache type that notifies the multicast cache manager.
MultiCacheManager Manages the communications between other cache managers.
TimerCache Cache implementation that times out cached elements.
UnboundedLRUMap An LRUMap that allows an unbounded size.