Cluster-aware Caching for Java
SwarmCache is a simple but effective distributed cache. It uses IP multicast to efficiently communicate with any number of hosts on a LAN. It is specifically designed for use by clustered, database-driven web applications. Such applications typically have many more read operations than write operations, which allows SwarmCache to deliver the greatest performance gains. SwarmCache uses JavaGroups internally to manage the membership and communications of its distributed cache.

Wrappers have been written that allow SwarmCache to be used with the Hibernate and JPOX persistence engines.

SwarmCache 1.0 RC2 Released 10.25.2003
This release brings SwarmCache up to JGroups 2.2 compliance. It also solves a potential deadlock problem and provides a controlled shut-down mechanism.
SwarmCache Integrated with Hibernate 10.22.2003
SwarmCache will be available as a pluggable cache module for the fantastic relational persistence engine Hibernate. SwarmCache will allow Hibernate to perform well in a clustered application environment. Release 2.1 Beta 5 of Hibernate will be the first to include support for SwarmCache.
SwarmCache 1.0 RC1 Released 09.19.2003
This release cleans up the code base. There are very few functionality changes. The main addition is the HybridCache. This caching algorithm combines the benefits of the LRU and Automatic caching algorithms, making it the best choice for high-performance caching.
SwarmCache 0.91 Released 04.16.2003
This release is a fully-functional beta. No bugs are known, but it has not seen a lot of time in production systems. However, the previous release (0.9) has been used for some time on heavily-loaded production systems.